Learn about some of the best places to visit in France in the spring

If you are having difficulty settling where to go on a holiday – why not try out France?

There is nothing more breathtaking than the south of France in spring. A season when it is not yet too hot but is warm enough to put on a light garment and have a lengthy walk along a coast or in a field – the South of France is best for this! Not just will it be much better weather-wise, it might actually be easier on your wallet since spring is not the most in-demand tourist seasons in the South of France. This likewise means that it will be considerably quieter and more relaxed, since children will still be in school and there will be less tourists meaning you will not have to deal with other tourists for a table at a restaurant. There are countless South of France cities deserving of your attention, and Aix-en-Provence is the ideal location for someone who loves seaside walks, casual atmosphere and pleasant food! It is not surprising that such a favorable atmosphere has produced people such as Arnaud Clément who have gone on to do fantastic things.

If you would like to have a fairytale holiday then Mont Saint Michel is one among the best cities to visit in France. It is an ancient city built on a mount which can only be reached by a boat when the tide is high. It is likewise the place of a spectacular abbey, first mentions of which may be found in ninth century documents! This wonderful place forms an environment for numerous novels, among them the one composed by Maxime Chattam.

Paris is possibly about the most popular cities in the world, let alone France. Over the centuries that it has existed it has collected so much history and culture that it would take you months to take it. But it is not only its cultural aspects that make Paris so well-known all over the world. It is also considered to be one among the greatest financial capitals on this planet with Vincent Bolloré having constructed really successful careers here. There are many must-see places to visit in Paris, but if you just have a couple of days to spend in this city we advise you the next route. As cliché as the Eiffel Tower sounds, if it is your 1st time in this city you must absolutely visit it. The views of Paris from the top of the tower are just breath-taking, but the construction itself is a sight in itself. After this, you can have a pleasant walk and maybe a glass of wine on the banks of the river Seine – there is absolutely nothing more Parisian than a promenade along its banks. Close by you will find famous art museums which exhibit a number of the world’s biggest masterpieces.

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